Every employer has a story to tell.
We'll help you tell yours.


We’re That Little Agency. We’re the employer branding and marketing agency for those companies who don’t feel that they need an employer branding and marketing agency. Companies who just need some advice, help or support with a specific job. I guess that makes us the agency for the gig economy.

Yes, we’re little. And we’re unapologetically a start-up. But we’re also keen, ambitious and good at what we do. We’ve established a network of like-minded professionals whose passion in life is to help you use your brand, creativity and technology to attract, engage and retain the very best people. To help you tell your employer story.


Insight-led solutions

Taking time to understand your target audience, your competition and what makes your company special.


Creative thinking

Challenging ourselves to deliver key employer messages in the most interesting, engaging and effective way possible.


Digital expertise

Getting the very best out of existing technology while exploring the opportunities offered by new platforms.


Great people

An experienced team with a proven track record of delivering successful, cost-effective and award-winning projects and campaigns.

Projects that we’ve worked on

We have worked on some great employer branding and digital projects over the years. Here are a few of them. Please note (and we can’t stress this enough) these are not projects delivered while working for That Little Agency. The majority were delivered during our time at ThirtyThree.

Some of our thoughts

We believe that expertise is a combination of knowledge, experience and strong opinion. After all, our clients look to us for strong direction not a menu of options. Here’s what is on our collective minds at the moment.

The little people

Grab a cup of tea, a biscuit and learn a little more about the people who will be working on your account. Their background, experience and what they bring to the party.

Meet the team

Little agency, big heart

Our values really make us who we are. They’ve helped shape our business, will underpin every decision we make and will be felt by everyone we come into contact with.

Our values

Fancy a little chat?

We love meeting new people. So if you want to chat about your next project or just need some friendly advice, then get in touch by phone, email or through our social channels.

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