In May we were a little shocked and surprised to be awarded gold in the ‘Career Site Provider’ category at the inaugural In-house Recruitment Supplier Awards (IHR). In many ways, this was a first; not just for us, but for the industry. That’s because, while we’ve been over the moon to win awards for our clients over the years, this time the awards were all about recognising suppliers to the recruitment industry and the impact we make.

While the light was shone on us and our fellow agencies and creatives – it wasn’t without seeking plenty of evidence and all-important feedback from the clients themselves. And not for just one website or project. This is a different award, it’s about the entirety of our work. That’s why we think these awards are so interesting. Yes, there were judges but, in truth, it was our clients who won it for us. Thank you, lovely people.

So, what was the IHR looking for?

The entry form asked a lot of questions. Not just about the work we do, but also the way we do it. Our guiding principles, vision and the values we live and breathe to achieve that vision. Of course, we talked about our work, including short case studies on the challenges we were looking to address, the solutions we put in place and the impact they’ve had. But we also positioned how we’re different from other (equally fantastic) suppliers. So, we must have said something that they like. Why take our word for it, let’s hear from the IHR itself.

“We’re looking to give credit to those suppliers who are making positive changes within the industry, doing great things and making all of our lives that much easier. And secondly, to help those in-house recruiters to make the right decision when choosing a new supplier. Bringing the community together for an unforgettable evening of reward and recognition.” Mark Lennox, Co-founder, In-house Recruitment Network

So what do we think makes us different? Here are a few thoughts.

Our secret weapon, our clients

We love our clients. We do. And we hope that they love us too. While some agencies may wish for happy clients, we want clients who truly see the value in how we support them. The understanding that whatever the project is, it is their project and we’re merely guiding them through it. Putting forward ideas based on best practice and experience, but while understanding the specific needs of that client. We don’t do ‘off-the-peg’ solutions. We don’t have a platform to pitch. We’re pitching a true partnership. And from what our clients have said about us, that’s how they feel too.

“Working with That Little Agency has been a real pleasure. As a sometimes not-so-easy client who has clear ideas and strong opinions, they navigate this (me) like the pros they are. I don’t feel like I’m working with an ‘agency’, the TLA team are an extension of the team. Taking the time to get to know our business, approaching every client as if it were his own business. They’re a tremendous sounding board, whose knowledge seems to know no bounds and their open ears have been crucial to me.” Emma Issitt, Group Head of Talent, DE&I and Wellbeing, Travis Perkins

We’re a values-driven business

Our values are the driving force behind every decision. They bring clarity and meaning to the work we do. We recognise just how important influencing someone’s career decisions can be. There’s a very human story behind recruitment creative work. It’s not lost on us that we, and our clients, work together to inspire futures and change lives. And we never forget that at the heart of every creative thought needs to be a human benefit.

It’s all about the experience

While we talk a lot about the ‘candidate experience’ in this industry, as a supplier we see the client experience as just as important. We are experts, but we like to bring fun along the way. Our collective expertise means nothing without delivering a great experience. Building trust is so important too. We do this with clarity of thinking, transparency of cost and a straightforward, pragmatic approach. We understand the financial challenges our clients face and deliver solutions that get results without breaking the bank.

There’s no off-the-peg solution

We believe that every piece of careers website development is unique and each project must be approached with the client’s recruitment objectives, messages and measures for success firmly in mind. This is why the first step is always a meeting of both the client’s and TLA’s project teams to discuss and agree on key aspects of the design, development and delivery. We work with very closely with brand, marketing, digital and resourcing teams to deliver a website that helps them say what they want to say in the way they want to say it – but delivered through the lens of them as an employer.

“That Little Agency were a pleasure to work with. They took time to understand our needs, worked with us hand-in-hand, and were patient and consultative throughout the project. They also made it fun! After the work was done, they followed up, provided guidance and also ensured that the work was recognised in the right places.” Maria Achieng Onyango-Watkins, Director, Global DEI Enablement & Programs, Meta

We’re only as good as our last job

At our very heart, we’re problem solvers. Delivering digital, employer marketing and branding solutions that help meet the needs of our clients and their target audiences. Whether that is a large global brand or a local university. Supporting talent acquisition across the organisation or recruiting for a single role. We’re just as happy guiding a client through the opportunities that social media can support their employer brand, as we are scoping, designing, writing and developing a new careers website. We enjoy it. Our clients do too. And we’re pretty good at it.

So grab a cuppa and take a look at a few of the projects that the judges took a look at during the process:

We are phenomenally grateful for the wonderful clients that we have, and the work we’ve done together. And we do mean together. We’ll leave the final word to Heather Kitto, Head of Resourcing at NFU Mutual.

“I’ve worked with members of the TLA teams for over 10 years, and during that time they’ve invested hugely in getting to know our business and our targeted community. In the time we’ve worked with the team we’ve increased our direct sourcing, decreased our time to hire and won an award or two. Their approach is based on putting themselves in your shoes; investing the time to understand the challenges and offering solutions. They have the rare skill of being able to match creative ability with an understanding of what drives a business.”

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Need a little help?

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