Your careers website is likely to be the first place that a job seeker will be exposed to your employer brand. But the demands of a job seeker are increasing all the time. They are no longer interested in simply finding a job, they’re looking to your website to give them an insight into what it is actually like to work for you. To offer more than just content, job search engine and online application form.

That’s why we always develop careers websites with the ideal candidate in mind. We think like a job seeker. What they’re looking for, what they need to know, how to guide them to the right job and what will inspire them to apply. By focusing on their needs, we design websites that attract quality applications from well-informed, highly engaged people. People who understand your business, align with your values and see you as an employer of choice.

How we can help

Website development

We’re building careers websites designed to meet (or exceed) the expectations of the modern job seeker. We’ll work with you, your brand and digital teams to deliver a website that helps the right people find the right jobs. A website that your people, your target job seekers and Google all love.

Content creation

We want people to be able to see themselves working for your business. We’ll work together to create informative, entertaining and compelling content that will offer job seekers a real insight into what life will be like working for your company. Encouraging them to make an application.

ATS consultancy

Chances are you hate your applicant tracking system. Most companies do. But there is an ATS out there that will suit your needs, the trouble is to find it takes a clear wish list, an idea of the best suppliers and a lot of time. We can help you find the one that best suits your needs.

Search optimisation

There are some things we do because they are the right thing to do – intuitive structure, page layout and clean code. Some we do simply to help raise your profile to the search engines. And some things that we may charge a little more for. All to help improve that all important Google ranking.

A bit like we did here

Attracting and engaging talent for a global footwear fashion brand

Attracting and engaging talent for a global footwear fashion brand

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Cooking up a tasty employer brand refresh for Nisbets

Cooking up a tasty employer brand refresh for Nisbets

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An employer brand as unique as their people

An employer brand as unique as their people

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Launching your careers website

It’s a hugely satisfying moment when a new careers website goes live. The start of great things – it’s a platform to take your candidate experience to the next level and a new home for all that’s good about working for you. And who knows, maybe an award or two could be heading your way – along with much deserved recognition from your peers.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. Oh no. There’s a lot of work to get to the really fun part of seeing it all shiny and new on the interweb. But, for us at That Little Agency – it’s what we do. So, we thought we’d share some tips. We’d call it our ‘little checklist’ – but it’s not so little.

There will be a lot of things to remember, so buckle-up and let us give you our roadmap for launching your new careers website the right way. Fancy a copy? Click on the link below.

Download our guide
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Some kind things people have said

I have had the pleasure of working with The Little Agency - and hope to do so for a very long time - and I can honestly say from our first conversation, I didn’t want to work with anyone else on our employer branding journey. They have a fantastic understanding of their clients’ needs and it’s immediate, intuitive and comes from their wealth of experience in employer branding.

Joanne AllenCorporate Resourcing Manager, Leicester City Council

I had the pleasure of working with That Little Agency during my time at Manchester Metropolitan University, Mark and the team were extremely supportive on our project to articulate our employer brand via a new website. The work went through several iterations yet they remained patient with us and helped up create something that I truly believe was sector leading.

Julie GriggsAssistant HR Director, Manchester Metropolitan University

I have known That Little Agency for a few years now and every time I have used their services, for either ad-hoc free of charge consultancy or a paid project, the team has always over delivered. Their measured nature means not only do you get years of experience, but also a calm and consultative opinion.

Ben GledhillInterim Head of Resourcing Transformation, Thames Water

That Little Agency are responsive and make us feel like we are the only client they work with. Responsive, flexible, friendly with the most creative ideas that are aligned to our values. They present well-rounded, forward-thinking proposals with credible background and foundations to enable us to gain buy in from our senior team. Calling them with a project you need support with is always met with a solution led approach.

Heather KittoHead of Resourcing, NFU Mutual

The experience that TLA bring to the table comes from years of working in their specialist fields. From the outset we developed an open and honest relationship built on trust and mutual respect. From the very first conversation I had with them I knew they just got it. They knew what I wanted to achieve and the best way to achieve it. What makes them stand out is the knowledge they have from working with a range of clients.

Leesa MortemoreGlobal Head of Resourcing, Nisbets

Throughout every project we work on together their strap-line, 'Big agency experience, That Little Agency feel’ is absolutely true. The reason I chose to work with them over other agencies was for exactly that reason. There has been expertise and challenge from each contact with That Little Agency with every point through our projects which is invaluable.

Emma IssittRecruitment Manager, Toolstation

That Little Agency has helped me and my team at Wolseley develop our digital footprint. Not only have they designed, developed and delivered our careers website, but over the next 12 months will help us deliver a raft of compelling content. They challenge us to think big and always have the candidate experience in mind.

Sarah GoreTalent and Performance Director, Wolseley UK

Would you like a free careers website audit?

To help you gauge whether your careers website matches up to the expectations of the modern job seeker we have developed the Careers Website Audit. The audit will benchmark your careers website against best practice in site design, structure, functionality, content and candidate experience.

To get a free copy of your Careers Website Audit, simply click on the link below and complete the request form. We’ll review your website against our key criteria and within 24-48 hours we’ll pass you back our findings. We think that you’ll find the results of the audit really very interesting.

Request your free audit
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