Defining your employee value proposition is essentially finding the answer to this simple question … why should people choose to work for you as opposed to someone else? Often the complication comes because the answer you’ll get will differ depending on who in the business you talk to. We are here to help you find out the truth. What it is that makes you a great employer – and how you can share this with your target audiences. Building a more attractive proposition that will bring in more people. And help you keep the great people you already have.

We use robust research and deep conversation to get a real insight into your business. Uncovering the great and the not-so-great things. Identifying real areas of strength. Finding the stories to support your claims. And passing this insight to our creative team to help shape your employer branding and marketing messages. Messaging designed to support you as you engage with both your current and future employees.

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How we can help

Research and insight

We want to discover what is demonstrably good, and ideally different, about working for you. We use a robust, but quick and agile, research process to ensure that we uncover the real truth. We will find the best aspects, but ground them in fact, so that it is as attractive as possible, but also recognised by current staff and new starters alike.

EVP development

We will give you a rounded picture using both data and the most representative direct quotes so that you get a true sense of our findings. We’ll explore your employer personality, the strong themes upon which your employer proposition can be built, and your proposition itself. Together these aspects will ensure that your proposition fully represents the opinions of your workforce.

Creative articulation

Many of the decisions that we make are based on emotion and not logic. So we’ll look at how your employer value proposition can be articulated using creativity, a strong visual identity and the right messages. We’ll help you create a look and feel that is instantly recognisable, compelling, flexible and uniquely you.

Sharing strategy

With your proposition in place and your marketing messages nailed, we’ll help you put them in front of your target audience. We’ll research where the people you’re looking for are active, what they’re looking for and how you can meet their expectations. We’ll talk job boards, aggregators, search, social, outdoor – heck – we’ll even consider press advertising. Let’s go fishing where the fish are.

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Bringing an employer proposition to life through film

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An employer brand as unique as their people

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Film for employer branding

We love film. It’s the perfect medium for storytelling. It allows us to reflect an organisation’s values, culture and fit with more purpose than ever before. We work with some fantastic film makers combining our expertise in employer branding and marketing with their passion for making great little films. Together we have delivered some engaging, informative and – dare we say it – emotive pieces of film that our clients are really proud of.

Read our little guide
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Some thoughts around employer branding

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Some kind things people have said

"Mark operates as a true partner. Listening, yet challenging and supporting, with a focus on solutions suitable for now and the future, enabling us to build the basics to deliver our people strategy."

Tracey DyerHead of People Services, National Trust

"Mark has helped me to develop our digital footprint. He developed our core careers website as well as other micro-sites. He challenges us to think big and always has the candidate in mind."

Sarah Gore(At the time) Group Resourcing Manager, NFU Mutual

"Not only deeply experienced within his field, Mark challenges the norm; reminds us to focus on the candidate and inspires some really innovative solutions that integrate with our attraction strategy."

Kevin Hough(At the time) Head of Resourcing, LV=

"Mark was always a superior partner; providing advise, patience and support throughout the project. He always had creative ideas, and seemed to be able to read our minds on what we would like."

Traci McCulleyDirector, Global Recruiting, Guidewire Software

"Working with Mark is truly energising, creative and great fun. Mark adds a huge amount of value to my own thinking, stretches my understanding and knowledge and challenges me to be different. All I want from a creative partner."

Emma Bateman(At the time) Group Head of Resourcing, Clarks

"Mark is a highly professional, knowledgeable and personable provider. His capability to understand requirements and then deliver innovative solutions within set budgets and timescales is outstanding."

Will Corder(At the time) Interim Graduate Recruitment Manager, Kimberly-Clark

"Mark is able to look beyond the immediate brief and help tackle the root of our recruitment challenges rather than just deliver a pretty website. I really value his opinion and expertise."

Nick Thompson(At the time) Resourcing Specialist, Thames Water

"Mark uses his awareness of digital recruitment trends to provide the best possible advice and service. We have benefited from his knowledge of emerging technologies, while he has always ensured we remain true to our brand."

James Saker(At the time) Agency Consultant, NFU Mutual

"I was always impressed with the flexibility that Mark showed in dealing with our sometimes changing demands on the original spec. He helped me immensely to scope out what we needed."

Helen Witt(At the time) Resourcing Manager, Virgin Retail

A little more insight

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