A little background

There are not many companies that can say that the work that we do has a direct impact on people’s lives around the world, every day. But pharmaceutical firm Consort Medical can. More than 1,000 people use one of their products every second, every day. We worked with their human resources and brand teams to produce a series of short films that help position Consort Medical Group as a great employer. Take a look at films on the Consort Medical You Tube channel.

Our approach

Consort Medical Group were looking for a series of short films that would:

  • Help position Aesica as a key recruiter of pharmaceutical professionals
  • Help position Bespak as a key recruiter of product design and development professionals
  • Clearly articulate the importance of values to current Consort Medical employees

Together the films would give the viewer a real insight into what it is that makes Consort Medical, Aesica and Bespak unique places to work. Using people who know the business best to articulate the rewards and benefits, learning and development, and career opportunities that come from working for the Group.

Bespak. A place where creativity and innovation thrive

Bespak is the name behind some of the most widely used and trusted inhalation devices in the world. Great locations as well as a positive, people-focused culture with charity and social activities a part of everyday life. It all contributes to creating a working environment which is friendly, supportive and nurturing.

Aesica. The perfect environment in which to develop

Aesica is home to around 1,300 people across six development, manufacturing and operational sites in the UK, Germany and Italy. It is their healthy mix of experienced pharmaceutical professionals and ambitious talent that helps them deliver on their business promises of expertise and innovation.

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