A little background

Today, more than ever, job seekers are choosing new roles based not on the job, but the employer itself. And whether they believe it is an employer that can help them achieve their personal aspirations and goals. Knowing this, we set out to develop a website that not only manages applications and delivers compelling content, but also builds an emotional connection with the visitor.

One that showcases our digital expertise yet remains human and open. That articulates our diversity and helps visitors picture themselves thriving here. One that allows candidates to experience what Miele X has to offer even before they walk through our door. One that, of course, attracts great talent to the business. The result is the Miele X careers website.

Curt Simon Harlinghausen, Managing Director, Miele X

The guiding principles

To deliver a website that will engage a wide audience of eCommerce, marketing, digital and professional support job seekers – from Content Manager to CRO Specialist; Online Merchandiser to Operations Manager; Search Specialist to Senior HR Officer. A site where all content is available within a single click. One that uses storytelling, imagery, video and social media as a way of articulating our culture. And is distinctly and unmistakably Miele X.

  • Brings the Miele X employer proposition to life.
  • Gets the right people straight to the right jobs.
  • Integrates seamlessly with our ATS, Personio.
  • Is accessible across all devices.
  • Is ready to be indexed by Google, Google for Jobs and Indeed.

The design, writing, development and delivery of the website was a joint venture between Miele X, Creative Style, Praetorius and That Little Agency.

That Little Agency - Employer Branding - Careers Website - Miele X - Desktop Video Image

A prestige look and feel

Whether consciously or not, people are naturally drawn to good design. According to Google, it only takes 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form a first impression of a website. There’s no denying every page of the website is slick in its design, contains highly crafted copy and tailored content that allows the visitor to immerse themselves in the Miele X culture.

We made sure that the minute a visitor lands on the website they are exposed to Miele X’s digital expertise. Working hard to ‘show’ the visitor – and not ‘tell’ them – why they should come and work for Miele X. We’re sparing in the use of blocks of copy. Brief but focused. Concise but clear. We use photography to help visitors ‘picture’ themselves working for us. And after making a strong first impression, we continue this all the way through the website.

Leading-edge development

The approach to developing the new Miele X website is state-of-the-art. The site is a headless Single Page Application, using Gatsby and React to develop a responsive website that has a super fast download time. A crucial factor in today’s Google performance benchmarks. To highlight just how good it is, we ran the website through a Lighthouse performance test.

Mobile overall performance score

Desktop overall performance score

Mobile accessibility score

Mobile best practice and SEO score

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An excellent candidate experience

It’s very difficult to build a website that caters for everyone. After all, someone looking for an eCommerce role will be interested in different things to someone looking for a frontend development one. So instead of thinking of the website as a single entity, we treat it as a collection of landing pages aimed at different key employment groups. The content of which is determined by the page that they’re viewing.

The content management system takes each piece of content, colleague profile, blog and job imported from the Personio ATS and tags it by subject, job family and location. This data is then used to dynamically populate the pages of the website. Matching jobs with blogs, blogs with content, content with profiles.

Currently, there are nine unique candidate journeys, each designed to talk to, engage and convert specifically skilled individuals into applicants. But these can be added to as and when new teams or areas of expertise are launched.

Story-driven content

Miele X has a fantastic story to tell. And nobody tells it better than their colleagues. It’s why we’ve placed them at the centre of every aspect of the website. They feature on every page, blog or job and, of course, in every piece of video. Each major section of the website has a hero film. Where people share their thoughts on the Miele X story, our purpose, work, teams and benefits. As well as offering an insight into living and working in Amsterdam.

Playing an important role in this is their blog. A platform for the team to showcase their digital expertise, knowledge leadership, culture and their colleague’s personal experiences of working at Miele X. The blog is a central part of their ‘social media for employer branding’ strategy. And in many cases a blog article is the landing page of a new visitor to the Miele X website. A visitor who is attracted as much by the Miele X story as by the Miele brand.

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A mobile-first experience

Having worked with the Personio before we knew the capabilities of the platform. And by pulling it into the Miele X website it became possible to develop a truly  ‘mobile-first’ application process.

The Miele X application form is designed to be completed on a smartphone. It doesn’t don’t require documents to be uploaded but instead they can import data from information stored on LinkedIn, Google Docs or Dropbox. And the application process itself can be saved on one device and picked up on another if required.

The simplified approach is working for our digital and marketing target groups as since the launch of the new website we have seen a 237% increase in applications.

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The results (so far)

Having launched in May 2022 the Miele X website is still quite new, but we can already see some very encouraging trends. All data covers the three-month period from 1st June to 31st August, and has been taken from Google Analytics, the Personio ATS and directly from the Miele X resourcing team.

That Little Agency - Employer Branding - Careers Website - Page Views Icon


increase in average page views (per month)

That Little Agency - Employer Branding - Careers Website - Time on Site Icon


increase in average time spent on website (per month)

That Little Agency - Employer Branding - Careers Website - Applications Icon


increase in applications (per month)

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increase in hires (per month)

The final word

“The biggest success of the new Miele X website is it ability to articulate the personality of our business. The culture, the expertise, the diversity and the excitement that I experience every day in this organisation. That’s no mean feat.

The positive impact that it has had on our ability to attract and engage talented people is clear in the numbers we’ve seen. But even more, those people who apply for a role here already understand what Miele X is all about. What we do, how we do it and how we add value to our parent brand.”

Tanja Antonijevic, HR Director