A little background

NFU Mutual is a business guided by its mutual values. When that comes to the pricing team, that means giving customers what they want at a fair price. It’s a 70 plus team of pricing professionals who help shape the way they support customers – while being passionate about pricing. As well as developing the talent they already have, NFU Mutual wanted to attract and engage new talent to the team who shared their values.

To help them capture the essence of working in the pricing team, they asked That Little Agency to work with them to help identify their employer value proposition (EVP) and develop some creative campaign work to bring that proposition to life.

Our approach

Knowing that the primary obstacle for candidates when searching for a job is not knowing what it’s really like to work for an organisation, we sought to answer this simple question. “Why should someone want to work in pricing for NFU Mutual as opposed to somewhere else?”

We also know that research has shown that candidates trust a company’s employees three times more than they trust the company itself to provide credible information on what it’s like to work at an organisation. As such, we wanted to centre the process and the subsequent creative work on real NFU Mutual people, ensuring that it was warm, engaging and inclusive and fully told the story of what it’s like to work for them in a pricing role.

The first place to start was with focus groups. We interviewed a number of the pricing team to understand their thoughts on the things we knew would be important to candidates – such as development opportunities, variety of work, culture, leadership and the benefits.

This process provided the kind of personal insight that it’s impossible to find without a research-based approach. Quotes such as “What I enjoy about my work at NFU Mutual is that it’s a fair company and one of my values is fairness.” And, “I can pretty much guarantee that if I need to know something I could pick up the phone to someone and they’d give me the time I need.”

The proposition

As a result of our focus groups, we were able to distill the feedback down to what we call the NFU Mutual ‘Universal Truths’. In effect a high-level summary of the EVP characteristics that answer that ‘why work here’ question. These truths were further grouped into four pricing proposition pillars.

Looking after you

You’ll feel cared for and valued by the business. So you can live the life you want to live.

Exceptional career potential

You can grow here. NFU Mutual are investing in you, and you can see a long-term future.

Fulfilling work

Your work is significant and important. It matches your values and morals. You can sleep well at night.

A great culture

The positive vibe here is infectious and fun. You’ll feel happy at work, not exploited.

The implementation

The process gave us the insight to create a new creative approach including advert formats and tone of voice. We also refreshed the recruitment content on the pricing page on the careers website, adding a new video for YouTube and the careers channel.

We took new photos of NFU Mutual employees to give the site the authenticity this approach brings. These have been used across the careers site as well as in branded visuals for LinkedIn posts. In addition, we wanted to reflect the stories of the people already there – so we undertook a number of interviews creating a suite of blog articles capturing their experiences.

What’s it like to work in pricing?

A chat to some of the talented people who work in the pricing team at NFU Mutual, Analytics, Risk, Delivery and Development  – and everything in between. We asked them all sorts of questions about working in in pricing and for NFU Mutual and this is what they had to say.

That Little Agency - Employer Branding - Recruitment Marketing - Pricing Campaign - Mobile Image
That Little Agency - Employer Branding - Recruitment Marketing - Pricing Campaign - Tablet Image

The impact so far 

NFU Mutual collect very detailed campaign performance and management information. It means that they have a very clear idea of how each aspect of recruitment marketing has contributed to the success of the campaign. All data has been taken from Google Analytics, the TalentLink application tracking system and directly from the Resourcing Team.

video views on LinkedIn
video views on YouTube
of hires made directly in 2022 (13% in 2020)
million in recruitment cost savings across the business

If you’d like to know more about this piece of work, simply email mark@thatlittleagency.co.uk