A little background

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression, so the new Phoenix Group website has been designed not only to be interesting and informative, but to have a real, lasting impact on the job seeker. To position them as an employer of choice to a wide range of financial and corporate services professionals in Basingstoke, Birmingham and London. The result is the new Phoenix Group careers website.

Our approach

Our project objectives were clear: design, develop and deliver a website that:

  • Brings the Phoenix Group recruitment proposition to life;
  • Gets the right people straight to the right jobs;
  • Reflects the culture of Phoenix Group;
  • Raises the profile of key information;
  • Is social, engaging and continuously updated;
  • Continues to evolve with the needs of the business;
  • Is accessible across all devices;
  • Is ready to be indexed by ‘Google for Jobs’.

To deliver a website that will engage a wide audience of job seekers – from actuaries to administrators; receptionists to risk managers; forecasting managers through to facilities managers. A site where all content is available within a single click. One that uses social media as a way of articulating their culture and is distinctly and unmistakably Phoenix Group.

The website 

URL: www.phoenixgroupcareers.co.uk
Content management system: Concrete5
Applicant tracking system: PeopleSolutions

Knowing that (on average) 80% of visitors come to a careers website to search for jobs, the website places the search function front and centre. This ensures that the right people quickly find the right jobs. Not only that, the website uses the visitor’s IP address (desktop) or GPS location (tablet and smartphone) to deliver the visitor jobs that are close by.

As well as jobs, the search results direct the visitor towards content that it thinks will be of interest to them. Such as detailed information on the business area and office they would be based in, Twitter updates, blog stories and whether they are LinkedIn with anyone currently working at Phoenix.

It is clear that Phoenix Group’s people are their very best advocates, so they are placed at the centre of every aspect of the website. They feature on every page, blog or job and in every piece of video. They help deliver key content and offer a real insight into their culture. And supporting this, the site integrates seamlessly with their social media platforms which help articulate the day-to-day activities of Phoenix Group in real time.

The website is designed to be incredibly visible to the search engines with all pages developed to be successfully indexed. And that includes the jobs pages which have been programmed specifically to be indexed by ‘Google for Jobs’.

Finally, we know that 49% of visits to the Phoenix Group careers website are on a mobile device, so we worked closely with their ATS supplier, PeopleSolutions, to offer visitors the opportunity to apply via their smartphone. And for those who don’t want to, they can bookmark the vacancy that interests them and apply later via a desktop.

Introducing ‘Universal Search’ 

As we look to help the right people find the right content, we have introduced a search bar to the homepage that not only searches the live jobs on the website, but also directs the user towards pages and blog articles that it thinks will also be of interest to them. Since adding this feature we have seen a significant increase in traffic towards content pages and blog articles from the homepage.

That Little Agency | Our Work | Careers Websites | Phoenix Group Universal Search Image
That Little Agency | Our Work | Careers Website | Phoenix Group Tablet Portrait Image
That Little Agency | Our Work | Careers Website | Phoenix Group Smartphone Image

The impact so far 

To see the impact of the new Phoenix Group careers website, we have compared the performance of the new website against that of the previous incarnation. All data has been taken from Google Analytics, the PeopleSolutions application tracking system and directly from Phoenix’s resourcing team.

increase in visitors to the website
increase in average time spent on website
increase in completed applications

If you’d like to know more about this piece of work, simply email mark@thatlittleagency.co.uk