A little background

The Phoenix Group doesn’t recruit in great numbers, but each hire is incredibly valuable to the business. So much so that candidates dropping out of the recruitment process during or after offer stage was identified as a significant business risk. This not only lead to a complete review of the Group’s recruitment process but also the launch of the Welcome to the Phoenix Group on-boarding website.

Our approach

Working in partnership with the Phoenix Group resourcing, brand and digital teams, we set out to deliver an on-boarding website that:

  • Offered a fully personalised experience;
  • Provided additional insight into day-to-day life at the company beyond that provide by the careers website;
  • Encourages networking between the resourcing team, their new manager and other new starters;
  • Supports the completion an important induction module;
  • Leaves the new hire with a positive impression of the Phoenix Group as a recruiter.

The website

URL: https://www.welcometothephoenixgroup.com
Content management system: Custom CMS
On-boarding system: Custom CMS

Upon accepting a role with the Phoenix Group the new hire is given access to their personalised on-boarding experience. When they log in, they are greeted by name, complete with details of who their manager is and a countdown to their first day. The look, feel and content  within the site even changes depending on which office they will be working in.

There is also an extra level of information available to them behind the login wall, including what to expect in their first few weeks and some tasks that they need to carry out before they start. Completion of these tasks can be monitored by the resourcing team and are able to prompt the new starter if required. There is even a key induction module made available to the new starter 10 days before they are due to start their job.

Sitting at the heart of the on-boarding website is ‘the Phoenix Community’. This is a simple reference guide to the people involved in their recruitment and induction, offering not only contact details but also an insight into the personality behind the name and job titles – including their new manager. But it isn’t limited to just Group employees, the community also includes other new hires, allowing people to broker relationships even before they start working with them.

And of course to make the site as useful as possible it can be accessed on whatever device the new hire fancies – smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet.

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That Little Agency | Our Work | Careers Websites | Phoenix Group Smartphone Image

The impact

To see the impact of this more candidate focused recruitment and on-boarding process, we have compared the performance of both the on-boarding website also the recruitment process as a whole. All data has been taken from Google Analytics, the on-boarding website and the directly from the Phoenix Group resourcing team.

visits to website before joining the business (average)
completion of online induction module
of new hires happy with the recruitment process

If you’d like to know more about this piece of work, simply email mark@thatlittleagency.co.uk