A little background 

We were engaged by Vectura, a global leader in the development of innovative formulations and devices to treat respiratory disease, to help them recruit device design and quality engineers for their new site in Cambridge. This was the first time that they had done any direct attraction activity, with all previous recruitment drives having been done through recruitment consultancies.

But the Vectura recruitment team were keen to go to market themselves, to help raise the profile of the business to their target job seeking audiences and the Cambridge science community as a whole. The resulting campaign was a combination of a micro-site, recruitment marketing and search and social media activity. And, of course, everything was tracked.

Our approach

Having traditionally recruited for these roles through recruitment consultants, Vectura asked us to support them in building a direct attraction campaign aimed at device design, software and quality engineers. We recommended an advertising campaign that combined job boards, search and social media pay-per-click, programmatic and re-targeting advertising. All traffic was directed towards a website developed specifically to support the recruitment of these engineers. www.analyticalsciencejobs.co.uk.

The attraction activity

The first wave of advertising consisted primarily of job board, pay-per-click search and social media. During this time the software was able to build a detailed picture of the Internet activity of those individuals who registered their interest. This data was used to determine the media and platforms that we used during the second wave of display advertising. This programmatic approach to advertising meant that we were delivering advertising to specific audience types – not just specific websites.

The second wave of advertising focused on what had worked well during wave one. As well as this we used more targeted advertising using HTML email alerts and called upon Vectura employees to share updates to their social and professional networks.

The website

URL: www.engineeringjobscambridge.co.uk
Content management system: Concrete5
Application system: Custom

The website focused on the growth of Vectura as a leading medical device development organisation, their ambitious plans for the future and their investment in great people. This included the opening of their new site in Cambridge Science Park. The site offered an insight into life at Vectura, the rewards, benefits, development and in particular the state-of-the-art working environment offered by the new site. And, of course, a list of current vacancies.

And of course to make the site as useful as possible it could be accessed on whatever device the user favoured – smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet.

That Little Agency | Employer Branding | Recruitment Marketing | Vectura Campaign Management Image

Our campaign management service

The campaign ran for a two-month period during which the performance of every piece of advertising – including media and creative – were monitored in real-time. The campaign was continuously tweaked. Advertising budgets were withdrawn from under-performing media and invested in those delivering the best click through rates to the website. This flexible approach meant that Vectura was getting the highest level of exposure from their advertising budget.

The results

During the course of the campaign the website received 1,436 visits. Of these 95% arrived at the site as a result of our advertising campaign. This consisted of 879 from search media advertising, 162 from social media and 135 through the advertising on job boards.

The average visit lasted almost 79 seconds with the user viewing at least two vacancies, suggesting a high level of engagement from our target audience of technologists and developers. This lead to 54 applications through the website, over 30 interviews and five hires.

visits to website

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