A little background 

Unum is a leading employee benefits provider offering financial protection through the workplace. They are committed to workplace wellbeing for both employees and employers. To meet the demands of the business and the need to attract a more diverse range of talent, Unum conducted a review of the whole recruitment process. A key outcome of this review was the design, development and delivery of the new Unum careers website.

Our approach

We worked with Unum’s resourcing, brand and digital teams to develop the site and set ourselves a number of objectives:

  • Appeal to a wide range of job seekers and engage effectively with the right group of professionals.
  • Articulate the diverse range of opportunities available.
  • Give job seekers the ability to search for roles using a wide range of devices.
  • Tell Unum’s fantastic story.
  • To integrate with their new ATS, Workday
  • To be indexed by Google for Jobs

The website

URL: https://careers.unum.co.uk
Content management system: Concrete5
Applicant tracking system: Workday

Working closely with the UK brand and marketing team, we delivered a website designed to give job seekers a real insight into life at Unum. The website calls upon the experiences of people who already work at Unum to tell their story. To bring to life every aspect of the Unum business from actuarial through to technology.

The content of the site has been aligned to the business objectives of Unum, offering specific candidate journey’s to support key areas of recruitment. As a result, someone looking for a role in Risk Management will have a very different website experience to someone looking to join as a Marketeer.

Current employees feature on every pages of the website, delivering key content and offering their insight into Unum as an employer. Supporting this is their use of social media and the way it is integrated as a key part of the website.

Finally, a new applicant tracking system has been introduced to support their drive of getting the right people into the right jobs. Developed by Workday the new system is clear, straight forward, responsive in nature and very user-friendly.

Integration with Workday

Unum use Workday as their global talent management system. The problem was that they only had one interface for all their global roles. It was difficult to see (or search) for the UK-based vacancies. We worked in partnership with Unum in the UK and the US, and their Workday partners, to take a data feed of all the UK jobs and re-assign them to intuitive and instantly recognisable job families. With this re-organised data we could then build a job search function that allowed UK-based job seekers to search for jobs by department and location. Exactly what the job seekers we (and the recruitment team) were asking for.

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Indexing by Google for Jobs

Another positive outcome of the integration work we did with Workday, is that now the URLs of the jobs carried both the Unum name and a reference to jobs. This meant that we could submit the jobs to Google for indexing. Using their webmaster tools, now called Search Console, we submitted the full website map including jobs directly to Google and within 72 hours we could see that the jobs were being indexed. We have already seen a significant increase in traffic to the jobs through Google.

The impact is so far

To see the impact of the new Unum careers website, we have compared the performance of the new website against that of the previous incarnation. All data has been taken from Google Analytics, the WorkDay application tracking system and directly from Unum’s resourcing team.

increase in visitors to the website
increase in average time spent on website
increase in completed applications

If you’d like to know more about this piece of work, simply email mark@thatlittleagency.co.uk