So, how was your summer? Relaxing? Chilled?

I ate a wasp! I didn’t really mean to. Most flying insects are like flying raisins to me and catching them is a challenge I excel at. But, it turns out wasps are more like flying jalapeños! So, to cut a long story short, my throat swelled up and I ended up at the vets for a couple of days while they sorted me out – I nearly died!

So obviously that stopped me trying to catch flying things, right? Wrong!

Despite the fact that I now know that there is a risk of another near-death experience, I’m still happily trying to catch anything that happens to fly in my general direction. But ‘my staff’ tell me that ‘I don’t know any better’ because I am a dog. You lot however, are meant to be more switched on than me, so why are you still doing things that you know are detrimental to your wellbeing?

The term “wellbeing” covers several aspects of the way people feel about their lives, including their jobs, and their relationships with the people around them. Of course, a person’s wellbeing is to do with their own character and home or social life along with their career, but research shows that employers can have an influence on an individual’s sense of wellbeing in the way they run a company.

Healthy and well-motivated employees can have a positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of a business. Recent studies suggest improvement in employees’ wellbeing will result in improved workplace performance: in profitability (financial performance), labour productivity and the quality of outputs or services. Job satisfaction – including aspects such as satisfaction with training, skills development opportunities, how much autonomy employees have in their role, and how much scope they have to use their own initiative and influence decisions – show a strong and positive link with workplace performance.

Of course it is also well documented that having a dog in the office relieves stress. Apparently not when I’m messing around in the paper recycling box!

Does your company look after your employees wellbeing?

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